AutoHotkey 1.1

Developer AutoHotkey

AutoHotkey is a free, open-source utility for Windows.

Likno Web Button Maker - Free

Likno Web Button Maker - Free 1.4

Developer Likno Software

Likno Web Button Maker - Free 1.4 a program to create buttons for web pages.

Auto Push My Buttons

Auto Push My Buttons 2.1


XBMC KeyMap Editor

XBMC KeyMap Editor 1.2

Developer xbox-scene

XBMC KeyMap Editor is a graphical editor that configures XBMC's Keymap.xml.


Auto Press Auto Click Auto Push KEY Button

Key Remapper

Key Remapper 1.9

Developer ATNSOFT

Key Remapper allows you to remap keys and mouse button presses.

Click View Registry Key

Click View Registry Key 1.0

Developer Default Manufacturer

Auto Click Links Buddy

Auto Click Links Buddy 2.1

Developer, Inc.

Auto Click Links Buddy makes surfing the Internet more convenient.

Auto Outlook Express Backup

Auto Outlook Express Backup 2.0

Developer NSoftware

Experience ultimate data protection with Auto Outlook Express Backup.

The Boss Button

The Boss Button 1.0

Developer Blue Lakes Technology

Instantly hides all web browser or other windows with a push of a button.

Push The Freakin' Button

Push The Freakin' Button 1.0

Developer Technology Lighthouse

Automatically Push My Buttons

Automatically Push My Buttons 2.1


Automatically Push My Buttons 2.1 - Auto Click Message box Buttons.

The Big Red Button

The Big Red Button 1.0

Developer WonderTech

Runs in Windows95 system tray. A red button appears there. When you double click on the button it cl...


auto-clicker 2.3


Auto clicker is a auto clicker software,It can free you from repeat mouse click.

Auto Mouse Click

Auto Mouse Click 13.1

Developer MurGee Softwares Pvt Ltd

Auto Mouse Click is a simple application for automating mouse clicks.


Auto Press Auto Click Auto Push KEY Button

Mouse Tutor

Mouse Tutor 1.0

Developer ResilientWare

Mouse Tutor - Turn any mouse into a one button mouse!

PPM Mini

PPM Mini 1.5

Developer Darkwood Designs

Click the push button to switch to M/S mode. There is no 20db boost button.

Don't Push The Button

Don't Push The Button 1.0

Developer Hewlett-Packard

Mouse Button Control

Mouse Button Control 10.0

Developer ElectraSoft

Convert center middle mouse button single-click to left double-click.

Auto Click Profits

Auto Click Profits 1.0

Developer Daniel Owens

A push button software that will help you grow your online business.

Mouse Clicks

Mouse Clicks 1.0

Developer MurGee

Mouse Click helps you to click mouse automatically on computer screen.

Auto Presser

Auto Presser 2.1

Developer EverSoft

Auto Presser is a tool that can press a specified key automatically.

Mouse Click Utility

Mouse Click Utility 1.0

Developer MurGee

Mouse Click Utility allows to automate left button click of mouse.

TKO VIP Auto-Click versão

TKO VIP Auto-Click versão 2.0

Developer TKO VIP 2011


AutoMacro 4.1

Developer AutoMacro

Auto Macro is the most powerful yet easy-to-use macro software.

AC Auto Clicker

AC Auto Clicker 2.6

Developer AutoClickerSoft, Inc.

Auto click mouse on specified coordinates or on the current mouse point.

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